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MS Excel to vCard Converter Tool

Simply Convert Contacts from XLSX, XLS & CSV File into VCF or vCard File

  • Import Excel (XLSX, XLS & CSV) file Contacts to VCF file.
  • No need to Install MS Outlook for Excel to vCard Conversion Process.
  • Generate VCF File for each Excel Contacts & Import Blank Email Address.
  • Convert Multiple Contacts from Excel into Single vCard or Individual VCF
  • Excel to VCF Converter maps Excel field with vCard field without any trouble
  • Convert excel file to vCard to view contacts in iPhone, Lotus Notes, Outlook, Android.

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Trial edition converts all contacts from Excel into vCard but keeps details of emails & contact no.s partially encrypted.

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Features of Excel to vCard Converter Software

Below mentioned are some of the most highlighted features of the Excel to VCF conversion application. Extract multiple contacts from MS Excel (XLS, XLSX or CSV) file into single as well as multiple VCF files wiht the help of XLS to vCard Converter

preview of excel xls, xlsx, csv

Complete Preview of Excel File Contacts

When you load your Excel file to convert XLS to VCF file, get complete preview of saved contacts in Excel file. You will be able to see table of contacts in rows & columns of the Excel sheet with the contacts and other data in it.

export xls, xlsx, csv, excel to vcf file

Convert Excel XLS, XLSX & CSV to VCF File

XLSX to VCF converter is capable to convert contacts from both .xls and .xlsx as well as CSV databases. So that you can employ Excel to VCF conversion for files belonging to entire versions of MS Excel including; Microsoft Excel 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, & 2013.

export multiple excel to vcf

Unlimited Excel Contacts Conversion

Convert multiple contacts from Excel spreadsheet into VCF. This Excel to vCard converter tool is being tested on almost 40,000+ contacts & found to be suitable tool for converting limitless contacts from XLS, XLSX or CSV file into vCard.

convert excel to vcf (all versions)

Offers Conversion to All vCard Versions

This Excel to VCF conversion software allows conversion of contacts from Excel sheet into 3 distinct vCard versions i.e. vCard 2.1, vCard 3.0 and vCard 4.0. Users can select any edition of vCard depending on their requirements.

generate separate vcf file

Create Separate VCF File for Excel Contact

By default XLS to vCard conversion software creates separate vCard file for each contact. So, you can create individual VCF file for each contact address saved in your Excel sheet. Creating a separate VCF file is always convenient.

convert multiple excel to single vcard

Export Multiple Contacts into Single vCard

Excel to VCF export tool automatically exports all contacts of Excel file into separate VCF files but in case you want to create single vCard file for all contacts, then you can avail the option of "Single vCard File for All Contacts".

export xlsx to vcf with empty email address

Empty Email Address Conversion Allowed

This Excel to vCard converter tool allows an option to export contact with empty address field. To export such contacts into VCF file, you need to enable "Allow empty email address to be imported" option in the xls to VCF tool.

excel to vcf fields mapping

Provision of Excel & vCard Field Mapping

While converting excel file to VCF Format to sync the data fields properly a mapping option is available. You can choose the data entry from the columns provided and map it with the options available in other column from drop down menu to map the columns as per your need.

Download Free Demo Version of Excel to vCard Converter

Excel to VCF Converter Software

Size: 931 KB Version: 3.5


Demo Version Limitation

With Demo version of Excel to vCard conversion software, convert all Excel file contacts into VCF file but stores contact of Email Address as '***Demo ***@Demo.com'. Incase of phone number only first 8 characters or no.s will be saved.

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Mac users can download the tool hereCSV to vCard Converter for MAC

XLS to vCard Converter: System Specifications

  • Support: Windows 10 & below versions
  • Processor: 1 GHz processor (2.4 GHz is recommended)
  • RAM: Minimum 512 MB RAM (1 GB is recommended)
  • Hard Disk Space: 20 MB of free hard disk space
Online Presentation of MS Excel to vCard Converter Tool
Get Appropriate Answer of All Common Queries
Will Excel to VCF converter able to convert multiple sheets of contacts?

There are multiple sheets within my Excel file that has contacts listed on it. Will the software converts all excel file contacts list to vCard format?best excel to vcard converter

Yes, the software loads and converts contacts from the entire Excel file regardless of the number of sheets maintained within.
Is it possible to work with this convert Excel to vCard Converter tool on a Windows 8 machine?
Yes, You can create vcard from excel file in different platform such as Windows 10, 8 as well as all below versions of the Operating System.
To import vCard to outlook, Do I need to have Outlook on my machine?

I need to import the output vCard on my Outlook 2013. Is it necessary to convert contacts on a machine having Outlook to make the vCard importable on it?Excel to VCF

No, Excel contacts to vCard converter is a standalone and doesn't require support of an external application. You can import contacts to outlook 2013 from excel without need of Outlook installation.
Is it possible to also preview the contents of my Excel file?

There is no suitable application on my computer to preview the Excel file. Will the XLSX to vCard Converter let me do so?Excel Contacts to VCard

Yes, the software instantly loads and displays a preview of all contacts within the selected Excel file.
After converting XLS file into vCard format, Will the output compatible with my Android smartphone?
Yes, you can import the vCard file on an Android smartphone, Blackberry, iPhone, as well as on a number of email clients.
Does the software export contacts from excel to vCard format supported by Outlook?

I read somewhere that Outlook doesn't support a single vCard with multiple contacts. Does the XLS to VCF software have suitable provisions for the same?Export Excel to VCF

The Excel to vCard software offers the option to 'create a single vCard for all contacts' or 'an individual vCard for each contact', to let you choose from. Also, note that, you can choose from any of the given vCard Version, i.e. 2.1, 3.0, and 4.0 to convert the contacts.
Is there any demo version limitation while converting Excel contacts to vCard format via MS Excel to vCard Converter?
The Free excel to VCF converter version allows the user to Display & Export " First 5 Character of Email address " & for the Phone number, it displays & Export "First 8 Character of the Phone Number".