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Section 1.1: Client

A client is that who purchases any ExceltovCard product online through any ExceltovCard website or through ExceltovCard authorized resellers.

The email sent by ExceltovCard or on behalf of ExceltovCard by authorized reseller or payment gateway on purchase of the product / software online. The email contains the link to the full version of product / software and credentials (if required) for activating the product / software.

Users have to understand this very carefully that our data recovery software products are designed in such a way that they are tested in certain types of corruption cases where they give 99.9% successful recovery results. However, users should be well aware that there can be certain corruption cases where our products might not be able to recover complete Meta data etc. Also, in case the free space of your system is overwritten by new data, then also, there can be the chance of recovery failure, as in that case, corrupted file might not even contain the required data in the first place. This can be tested via the free demo versions, which give preview of recoverable data. We anticipate the users to co-operate with us as we make every possible effort to help you receive 100% satisfaction.

Use of Demo Version of Strongly Recommended

Guidelines For Refund

The client as defined in Section 1.1 (above) has the right to request for refund for the ExceltovCard product/software for the 30 days from the date of purchase, if your case falls in the following refund guidelines.

Refund is not valid in the following cases: