Do You Have the Requirement to Convert XLS to VCF?

  • Are you an Excel user?
  • Do you use Excel as it is very easy to use and operate?
  • Have you been Excel to store all your official and personal contacts?
  • Do you have large contacts lists stored in Excel XLS files?
  • Are you maintaining huge contacts databases in Excel?

Benefits of vCard VCF Format: VCard is the standard business card format, likely to save the information about the contacts within various fields present. The vCard is a file with,.vcf as its extension. The vCard is beneficial because nowadays each and every devices (Androids, Palms, iPads, Smart phones etc) or applications (Outlook, Lotus Notes, Thunderbird, Outlook express) all have VCF as the the standard file format to save contacts in them.


If you have a contact database in Excel and if you import those contacts to vCard then nothing like it. This is because of the many benefits talked above about vCards. This Excel contacts migration to VCF will save a lot of time that would otherwise have been wasted in making consecutive contact entries one after the other in the email client that you use or in the mobile device. .xls to .vcf conversion will prove a really beneficial one for you. This XLS to VCF File Converter can be performed using a third-party XLS to VCF converter like Excel to vCard software. It is a very simple-to-use tool that you can easily use to convert XLS to VCF.

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