Home Excel to vCard Converter Working Guide

Working Guide of Excel to vCard Software

You can get here complete working process of this converter tool. Step by Step process of exporting contacts from MS Excel sheet into vCard file is precisely defined.

1 - Install & Open Excel to vCard Tool

First you have to open Excel to vCard software. For that, Go to Start menu » Programs » Excel to vCard » Excel to vCard The following screen will be displayed:

2 - Browse to Add Excel File:

Click on the Browse button to select MS Excel files. Software will show the below screen

3 - Select & Open Excel:

Then in the above screen, you have to select the MS excel file and click Open.

3.1 - Check Preview of Loaded File

Software will show you i.e. give the preview of the whole content of the selected XLS file as shown under.

4 - Click on "Next" Button:

Click on the Next button to proceed with the conversion process. You will see the following screen

5 - Match Excel Field with vCard:

Then after this click on Next button. Software will display following screen

5.1 - Mapping Options:

Choose Excel fields using the drop down button below Excel Fields on the left side of the above screen.

Then choose the vCard attributes again using the drop down button below vCard Attributes on the right side.

6 - Mapping Field Options:

  • Match the fields like this way –
  • FirstName ? FirstName or FullName
  • Last Name ? LastName
  • Email ? EmailAddress
  • Then after matching the fields, click on Add button. Software will display the list of matched attributes like shown below:

7 - Select on "Next" Option:

Then after this click on Next button. Software will display following screen

Check or keep unchecked the option Allow empty Email Addressed to be imported? according to what you want the software to handle during the conversion process. Checking this option will allow the software to convert contacts with empty email address fields.

8 - Select Destination Path:

Then after this click on Convert button to Select a location where you want to save the converted file and click OK. Then software will show the below screen:

9 - Conversion Process Begins:

After this, Software begin the conversion process. The progress will be shown as in the below screenshot:

10 - Process Completed:

Then after the completion of the conversion process, software will display confirmation screen as follows

Click Yes to convert another Excel file contacts into vCard contacts and No to close the application. If you click Yes software will display the initial screen again. To open the converted file, you first need to navigate the location where you have saved the VCF file. After that you can import the converted VCF files to your desired application or device supporting vCards in this way user can convert excel to vCard file.